While living in Newark at college I focused most of my evenings on developing my reed making techniques and making tools. I had the fortune to be visited by many travelling pipers and characters, including John Rooney, Larry Rooney Mikie Doran and Johnny Purcell for reeds. Many evenings were spent in the workshop at the back of the house making reeds along with some strange noises. At the time, the house was shared with students on various instrument making courses and the washing machine for the house happened to be in the workshop. One night, a good few months after moving in, I was in the workshop making some reeds and one of the house mates arrived in with a load of washing. “Ah that’s what that is! I thought there were some strange birds living at the back of the house!”  That was his response to the crow of the reeds. In recent years I have taught various reed making workshops including, notably the Leo Rowsome Commemorative event in Dublin for Na Píobairí Uilleann and at the NW piping tionol in Manchester.

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