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Aaron O’Hagan is a musician and maker of fine instruments, specialising in uilleann pipes and the traditional wooden flute. Born in Belfast, Aaron’s first introduction to traditional Irish music was through his grandfather James, learning his first notes on the tin whistle and getting a few tunes from him. With much encouragement and support from family this was the start of a new path for life.

 Aaron progressed onto the flute and pipes later, learning from local musician Brendan Mulholland and Belfast piper Patrick O’Hare.

 In the pursuit of quality instruments and the right sound, Aaron began to utilise his inherent love for the creative process. He was motivated to embark on the journey into reed making and later into pipe and flute making. Inspired by past masters such as Leo Rowsome, The Crowleys, Ruddal & Rose and Prattens, Aarons instruments have a distinctive tone. The pipes combine a warm blend of notes from the drones and regulators which are complemented by a crisp brightness from the chanter. This all combines to give a powerful, resonant sound rich in colour and depth. Wooden flutes are made to be resonant with a deep responsive tone suited to both performance and session playing. Aaron plays his own instruments  and can be found playing at home and abroad with the band Réalta or in one of the many sessions on the lively Belfast scene.